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Applications, Giving Notice and Reporting

For Placer Miners in BC

I am not an expert on mining law - I am just trying to help. Use the information in this website at your own risk. See the Notice at the bottom of this page.
There are applications and reporting that a miner must do to maintain (ie. renew) a claim, get permits, and generally satisfy the government.

Make the Maps with iMapBC

Some applications and reporting require maps. They must be made with the
iMapBC online mapping application. You use a special template file get the layers and formatting that are required.

Note: You DO NOT use the government's MTO (Mineral Titles Online) mapping applications for applications and reporting (especially for a NOW - Notice Of Work - to apply for a permit for machine digging). Instead, you use iMapBC to make maps.

iMapBC Reference Guide

See the...

Mines Act Permit Application
iMapBC Maps and Data Creation
Reference Guide

Downloading and Using the Template File
for a NOW - Notice of Work - to get a Mines Act permit

This is all explained in the Reference Guide (link just above), but the basic idea is...

    Download the Template File
To download the Template File, go to the government's NOW page Links and click on...

Mines Act Permit Application - iMapBC Project File Template
and save the file on your computer/device.

    Start Up iMapBC
Go to the iMapBC page, and scroll down to the Applications section. You can click on either...
  Launch iMapBC
  Launch iMapBC (Username required)
If the first link doesn't work, you can use the second link and and log in using your BCeID and password.

    You Load the Template File
In iMapBC, click on I want to..., and then click either Open or Load to open the Template File. You will have to click "OK" on box that says:

"Uploading a new project will overwrite the currently shown content. Continue?".
This just means the Template File will replace any other iMapBC setup stuff you have done since opening the application - it is not about overwriting stuff on your computer.

Some Notices and Reporting Before Doing Work